If My Office Was A Classroom


If-my-office-was-a-classroomWhen I was younger, I was convinced that my parents only put me in school so that they wouldn’t have to deal with me throughout the day. Even though secondary school seemed like a fun place for a lot of people, I was sad and bored all through and couldn’t wait to get out.

Since leaving school, however, I’ve realized that grown-ups in offices fall into some of the same stereotypes as we had in school! Here are some of the categories I’ve identified in my place of work:

Class clown: The class clown in my office is Ade. Ade is a Happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He his liked by everyone and tends to make us laugh all the time by picking up on all the sexual innuendos. Even though he’s the newest guy in the office, everyone is comfortable around him and vice-versa.

Nerd: You know those people who know everything? Yeah, that’s Velma. Velma tends to speak in a language of her own… People like Tayo and Lilian seem to understand, but the rest of us just nod and smile so that we can look intelligent.

Troublemaker: At first glance, Blessing seems to be a cute, quiet girl, but just a few hours in the same room with her and everyone starts to argue. How she does it, we don’t know, but she riles everyone up whilst looking innocent and unassuming.

Class President: Lilian for President! I absolutely admire her, she’s charismatic and brilliant. I want to be a “Lilian” when I grow up.

Cool Kid: I am definitely the cool kid, but for some reason, everyone seems to want to murder me. They say I have an over-inflated ego… I wonder why.

Wallflower: Crystal, dear Crystal, shy Crystal, lovely Crystal. She never says a word unless she has to or until she hears something really funny. Don’t be fooled by her countenance, she’s really smart and talented.

Mean girl: When we watch those high school movies, there is always that cute and pretty girl who can make babies cry just because she can. Dorcas is that person.

After all, is said and done, I guess we can say real life is just one big school.