The Third Leg

The-Third-LegHave you ever been new in an office? It’s like high school. You’d suddenly realize how observant you can be. In my observant phase, before I started showing my true colour, I noticed a couple. They were not married yet… but the office had married them. The administration and management team had picked their Asoebi colours: Pink and Yellow they said. Everyone was in support of the marriage. Everyone knew about the wedding date but the couple themselves. October 12 was the slated date.

You must be guessing: What’s wrong with this people? Who sent them to plan the wedding? The question that bugged me most was: Are these guys dating? Guess what? NO! so why are we so obsessed? Because they do everything together. They are often bouncing ideas off each other both smart and stupid ideas. They shared meals, beverages, information, etc. They understood each other’s jokes, laughed at the not so funny ones and traded secrets. Did they stop there? No! They laughed and touched. They got each other in a way no one else did. They shared inside jokes and they shared their UK experience. They were both returnees and had a tint of the British accent.

Perfect couples! To the best of our knowledge, they were in love but did not know it.

Things were going fine until Mike took ill. Sarah naturally never noticed when anyone was absent from the office but Mike’s absence took a toll on her. She was silent and sipped two cups of tea for the whole day. The week went by slowly and she was obviously unhappy. Mike showed up on Wednesday, even though he was obviously not strong enough to resume work, he felt the need to see her face and be with her. He couldn’t even last till 12pm. She pampered him until the HR manager permitted him to go home and not return till he was well.

While his heart drowned in loneliness, Tomi resumed as a new staff and for some reason, he and Sarah clicked. He became her new Mike. When Mike returned, it was like he wasn’t there. He struggled to be part of Sarah and Tomi’s discussion. Every time she excused herself to the boardroom, Mike followed her. He claimed he was going to make calls. Things have gone downhill since then. Our wedding plans are crashing down before our very eyes. Should we redirect the wedding plans to Sarah and Tomi? What would Mike do? Is Tomi just a rebound guy? Is Tomi the bad guy?

I can’t answer all these questions but I’m sure you must have seen couples perfect for each other, love each other but somehow, a third guy just sways in and kills our perfect happily ever after story. If you were Mike, what would

you do?