Spice up your Alcohol Experience

Spice-Up-Your-Alcohol-ExperienceDisclaimer: This piece is not encouraging bad behaviour of any sort within the corporate environment. Deciding to practice anything contained in this article is at your own risk and you will be held totally responsible for it.

I don’t know about your office but in mine, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol during work hours. However, for those who absolutely must, here are a few different ways to spice up your alcohol moments in the office – fully undercover.

  1. Spike your coffee: Pour some vodka into a little amount of your dark coffee. It quenches the smell and has a kick of stimulants! You can also add vanilla to reduce the sting of the vodka or use peppermint flavoured drinks and tea in place of coffee. #TeamHardworking
  2. Create a hole in a watermelon and pour in your vodka or an alcohol of choice, leave it to sit for 4 hours in the fridge. Cut the watermelon and serve. Put it in your regular health bowl, no one would notice. #FitFam
  3. You can buy a concealed water bottle and just sip it low key. Have mouthwash ready or use Tom-Tom to douse the smell. #SweetTooth
  4. Make a creative cocktail drink with your alcohol of choice and drink it. Is it not just a creative mix? If you are creative enough you can make it look like fruit juice. Dice some fruits in it too. #HealthyLivingBehavior
  5. You can use baileys as a milk substitute for your cereal or tea. It’s just breakfast 😉

To cover up the symptoms:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Use eyedrops
  3. Maintain fresh breath (keep a toothbrush at work or use mint)
  4. Stay Quiet
  5. Don’t go past your limit

Please do not try this at work!!! If you collect sack letter “OYO” as in, you are ON YOUR OWN.

Stay Sober!

Author: AfterFive

We are your everyday nine to fivers and we have found a way to have fun while sharing our memorable and not so fond working experiences. Come have fun, vent, relate and share.

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