My Dad happened to Me


At the age of 13, my dream was to become a medical doctor.

Today, I work in an advertising agency.

I didn’t see it coming. As a teenager, I had my life figured out. I wrote my plans down just as I was taught to at church. I was going to be a doctor, just like the one in my birth story, which my mum told me over a million times.

“When you were born,” she would say, “I carried you and pointed at the young doctor who helped in your delivery and said, one day, you’ll be just like her.” Every time she got to that part of the story something in me always leapt; Yes! I was born for this.

With this in mind, I struggled to make it into science class, as it was the key to my medical dream. I studied for my junior WAEC like my life depended on it, to ensure that my dream of becoming a doctor was actualized. I still remembered the day my results came out…

As I got to the school gate, Ugochi, my favourite friend screamed, “Eka Eka Eka! It’s out!”

She pulled me in anxiety and I was forced to run at her pace. We stopped at the board where the results were displayed. I scanned through the results on the board and, yes, my name was on the science list! I was super excited and did the famous Michael Jackson moonwalk as I celebrated my victory.

I got home in high spirits and shared this great news with my family. They all congratulated me.

And then, right after the celebration, my dad said, “Eh…Eka, you should be a lawyer, you know, you talk really well, and we need a Lawyer in the family.”

I laughed as he said it because I thought he was just joking. For five weeks I continued in my science class happily, until one Tuesday morning as Mr Agu, the chemistry teacher, taught, my dad walked into the classroom with another teacher. I was shocked to see him. The teachers whispered between themselves and one of them called my name.

“Eka Victor!”

I stood up, and the teacher said, “Please take your bag and follow me.”

I grabbed my bag, wondering what was going on. I followed my dad and the new teacher. My dad said nothing to me as we walked through the corridor until we got to the front of the ART class. Then he turned and said, “So now, you are in the art class, I have settled everything.” I looked at him in amazement, words failed me as I walked into the classroom and sat in my new seat.

My life changed in that very moment, and now I’m here. I don’t know why it happened but I am determined to make the best of where I am now. What I have learnt so far is that in Life, anything can change, even our dreams. But through it all, we must never give up on ourselves.

And, slowly, I have fallen in love with the path that chose me – Advertising.

Oh, and, Daddy, I am still not a Lawyer. *Tongue Out*

Author: AfterFive

We are your everyday nine to fivers and we have found a way to have fun while sharing our memorable and not so fond working experiences. Come have fun, vent, relate and share.

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